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Wood Garage Door Panels Replacement Service

At Tomys Garage Door, we understand the importance of maintaining the beauty and functionality of your home’s garage door. Wood garage door panels add a classic, elegant touch to your home’s exterior but can wear down over time due to weather conditions, accidents, or wear and tear. Our wood garage door panels replacement service is designed to restore the look and functionality of your garage door, ensuring it operates smoothly and enhances your home’s curb appeal. Serving Renton, Seattle, Tukwila, and Newcastle, our team of experts is committed to delivering high-quality service and satisfaction.

Why Choose Wood Garage Door Panels Replacement?

Wood garage door panels are not just about aesthetics; they play a critical role in the security and insulation of your home. Over time, damaged or warped panels can lead to issues such as:

  • Decreased energy efficiency
  • Compromised security
  • Increased wear on garage door mechanisms
  • Lowered home value

Replacing your wood garage door panels can address these issues, providing you with a garage door that looks great and functions properly.

Our Services

Our wood garage door panels replacement service includes a comprehensive range of offerings designed to meet your specific needs. Here’s what we provide:

Inspection and Consultation

Our process begins with a thorough inspection of your garage door to assess the extent of damage and determine the best course of action. We offer professional consultations to discuss your options, including panel material choices that match your home’s design and your budget.

Custom Replacement Panels

We specialize in custom wood garage door panels, ensuring a perfect match with your existing door. Whether you need a single panel replaced or an entire door’s worth, we have the expertise to craft panels that blend seamlessly with your garage door.

Professional Installation

Our team of skilled technicians ensures that your new panels are installed correctly, guaranteeing smooth operation and restoring the integrity of your garage door. We also make sure to balance your door and adjust the tension to ensure optimal performance.

Maintenance Tips

After installation, we provide you with maintenance tips to help extend the life of your wood garage door panels. Regular maintenance is key to preventing future damage and maintaining your door’s appearance and functionality.

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Wood Garage Door Panels Replacement Service

Service AreasRenton, Seattle, Tukwila, Newcastle
InspectionFree initial inspection to assess panel damage
Panel OptionsVariety of wood types and finishes to match your existing door or upgrade its appearance
CustomizationCustom panel sizing and styling to ensure a seamless look
InstallationProfessional installation by experienced technicians
Maintenance TipsGuidelines on how to care for your wood panels to extend their lifespan
WarrantyComprehensive warranty on materials and labor
Emergency ServicesQuick response for urgent repairs and replacements

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my wood garage door panels need replacement?

Look for signs such as warping, cracking, or visible wear and tear. If your garage door is difficult to open or close, it might be due to damaged panels.

Can I replace just one panel, or do I need to replace the entire door?

In many cases, individual panels can be replaced without the need for a full door replacement. Our team can assess your specific situation and recommend the best course of action.

How long does the replacement process take?

The time required can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the customizations needed. However, most replacements are completed within a day.

How can I maintain my new wood garage door panels?

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the panels, checking for signs of damage, and applying a fresh coat of sealant or paint as needed to protect against the elements.


In conclusion, our wood garage door panels replacement service at Tomys Garage Door offers a comprehensive solution for homeowners in Renton, Seattle, Tukwila, and Newcastle looking to repair or enhance their garage doors. With a focus on quality, customization, and customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to restoring the beauty and functionality of your garage door. Whether you need an emergency repair or are looking to upgrade your home’s exterior, our team is here to help. For more information on our services, visit our Garage Door Repair Services page for more information.

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Need-To-Know Garage Door Panel Replacement Facts

Garage doors are not only essential for the security of your home but also contribute significantly to its curb appeal. Damage to a garage door, whether from an accident or wear and tear, often leads homeowners to consider the options for repair. One such repair is the replacement of garage door panels. This blog post will explore the ins and outs of garage door panel replacement, including when to replace, how to choose the right panels, and the benefits of consulting professionals, like those at Tomys Garage Door located in Renton.

When to Consider Garage Door Panel Replacement

The need for panel replacement arises from various situations, such as minor dents, major rust, or functional impairments like cracking, popping, and binding noises during operation. If the damage affects the door’s aesthetics or functionality, replacing the affected panels might be necessary. However, for minor cosmetic issues, repair might be sufficient​ (Today’s Homeowner)​.

Choosing the Right Garage Door Panels

Selecting the right panel involves considering the door’s color, model, and dimensions. Exact color matching is crucial to ensure the new panel blends with the existing door sections. However, finding a perfect match can be challenging due to color fading over time. Additionally, if your door is older or has a unique design, finding a matching panel might be more complicated. It’s also worth noting that replacing decorative elements, such as hinges and handles, might be necessary if they are damaged​.

Measuring and Replacement Process

Measuring your door is straightforward but crucial for finding the right panel. You’ll need the door’s width, height, and the damaged section’s size. Once you have the measurements, consulting with a professional is advisable to avoid the risks associated with DIY installation, which can lead to further damage or injury. Professionals can ensure the correct installation of panels, brackets, and weather stripping, maintaining the door’s functionality and appearance (Garage Conundrum)​.

Cost of Garage Door Panel Replacement

The cost varies significantly based on factors such as the door’s make and model, the panel’s material, and the complexity of the installation. On average, the price for replacing a single garage door panel ranges from $250 to $800, including both the panel and installation fees. For just the panel, prices can range from $100 to $500, not including installation​.

DIY Vs. Professional Replacement

While replacing a garage door panel might seem like a feasible DIY project, the process involves risks due to the door’s weight and the specific tools required. Therefore, it is recommended to seek professional help. Experts from Tomys Garage Door in Renton can provide the necessary services, ensuring safe and efficient panel replacement. They can offer detailed quotes and advice, considering the unique aspects of your garage door to choose the best replacement strategy​.


Garage door panel replacement can be a cost-effective way to enhance your home’s security and curb appeal without the need for a complete door replacement. Whether you’re dealing with garage door wood panels, considering replacing garage door panels, or in need of a single garage door panel replacement, it’s essential to consult with professionals. Tomys Garage Door, located in Renton, offers expert services for garage door section replacement and more. By choosing the right panels and ensuring proper installation, you can maintain the functionality and aesthetics of your garage door. For professional assistance, consider exploring our services further:

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Tomys Garage Door is here to help you with all your garage door needs, ensuring quality and satisfaction.

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