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Proper garage door maintenance is crucial for ensuring safety, functionality, and longevity. At Tomys Garage Door, we believe in providing top-notch services to keep your garage doors in prime condition. This detailed guide covers everything you need to know about maintaining your garage door, including types of doors, essential maintenance tasks, and the benefits of professional services.

Detailed Maintenance Schedule

Lubricate moving partsTwice a yearLubricate rollers, hinges, tracks, and springs.
Inspect and tighten hardwareMonthlyCheck and tighten bolts, screws, and brackets.
Test door balanceMonthlyEnsure the door stays in place when lifted halfway.
Test auto-reverse mechanismMonthlyPlace an object under the door to ensure it reverses.
Clean and paintTwice a yearWash with detergent and repaint rust spots on steel doors.
Replace weatherstrippingAnnuallyInspect and replace cracked or brittle weather seals.
Inspect cables and springsAnnuallyLook for frayed cables and rusty springs; hire a professional if needed.

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Types of Garage Doors

Common Garage Door Types

  1. Steel Garage Doors: Durable and long-lasting, but prone to rust if not properly maintained.
  2. Aluminum Garage Doors: Lightweight and resistant to rust, though easily dented.
  3. Wood Garage Doors: Aesthetically pleasing with good insulation but require more maintenance.
  4. Wood Composite Garage Doors: Combines the aesthetics of wood with the durability of steel.
  5. Fiberglass Garage Doors: Resistant to dents and cracks, ideal for coastal areas.
  6. Vinyl Garage Doors: Highly durable and low-maintenance, ideal for harsh weather conditions.

Popular Garage Door Brands

  • Clopay
  • Amarr
  • Wayne Dalton
  • Overhead Door
  • Raynor
  • LiftMaster
  • Genie

Essential Garage Door Maintenance Tasks

Inspecting and Lubricating Moving Parts

Lubrication reduces stress on rollers and the door opener. Apply a spray lubricant to rollers, hinges, and tracks at least twice a year.

Checking Door Balance

An unbalanced garage door strains the opener. Disconnect the opener and manually lift the door halfway. If it doesn’t stay in place, it may need professional adjustment.

Testing Auto-Reverse Mechanism

The auto-reverse safety feature is vital. Test it monthly by placing an object under the door. If it doesn’t reverse, call a professional immediately.

Cleaning and Painting

Regular cleaning prevents dirt buildup and rust. Use mild detergent and water for cleaning, and sand and repaint rust spots on steel doors.

Replacing Weatherstripping

Inspect the rubber weather seal at the bottom of the door for cracks. Replace it to keep out moisture and debris.

Tightening Hardware

Check and tighten loose bolts, screws, and brackets to ensure the door operates smoothly and safely.

Inspecting Cables and Springs

Look for frayed cables and rusty or stretched springs. These components are under high tension and should be replaced by professionals.

Benefits of Professional Garage Door Maintenance

Increased Lifespan

Regular maintenance extends the life of your garage door and its components, saving you money on replacements.

Enhanced Safety

Professional maintenance ensures all safety features are functional, reducing the risk of accidents.

Improved Performance

Well-maintained doors operate more smoothly and quietly, enhancing convenience and reducing wear on the opener.

Cost Savings

Preventative maintenance helps avoid costly emergency repairs by addressing minor issues before they escalate.

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Regular garage door maintenance is essential for safety, functionality, and longevity. At Tomys Garage Door, we provide comprehensive maintenance services to keep your doors operating smoothly. From inspecting and lubricating moving parts to testing safety features, our professional team ensures your garage door remains in top condition.

For more information on our services, visit our services page or book an appointment online. Trust Tomys Garage Door for reliable and expert garage door maintenance.

By following these maintenance tips and scheduling regular professional inspections, you can ensure your garage door remains safe, reliable, and efficient for years to come. For any garage door maintenance needs, contact Tomys Garage Door today!

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